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MArk Adam - Pencuri (Acoustic cover by Fero & Friends)

Ok kali ni nak upload video cover suka2 je. This cover video of "Mark Adam - Pencuri" hanyalah suka2 sahaja. Sempena birthday celebration utk Naim, Syikin & Izo. Kamilah geng ribena sbb dah dekat 3 series pon masing prangai cam bdk tadika.. hahaha. enjoy :) btw, lagu Mark Adam Pencuri ni memang sangat best :)

Teruskan sokongan anda smua untuk hebah2kan/share video Fero kat kawan2 di FB ye :)

Twitter/Instagram/WeChat/Keek: @fairuladzreen
Fero (Fairul Adzreen) is an independent YouTube singer/artist (Youtubers) from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Producing a lot of quality acoustic cover videos uploaded on YouTube since 2012. His biggest achievement is to be nominated in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2013 in "Nova Media Social (Youtubers) Award" held in Suntech, Singapore. Do search "Fero Acoustic Cover" on YouTube and keep supporting him.

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